April 11th, 2006

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First day of Easter holiday

Weather awful. Rain driving in from the west, powered by a strong wind.

So far today I have:

  • Retrieved G's Daihatsu from the garage where it passed its MOT after a couple of minor repairs (something done to the brake tubes and a new rear light fitting).

  • Tightened front door lock. I'd noticed that the cylinder of the Yale lock had become wobbly. Kept putting off doing anything about it because I usually noticed this when coming home from work after a long hard day. Lock removed, screws tightened, lock replaced and now non-wobbly.

Off now to kitchen to make soup for lunch. Oh, what an exciting life I lead!
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Writing progress

I was busily printing out a reference copy of the completed draft of Moving a Mountain when the printer ran out of ink. Sigh...

However, I have ordered more ink, which should arrive tomorrow. Next task is to email all the people who want to read the thing and offer a variety of formats. Also I must prepare electronic copies of the MS in the various formats and, when I hear back from readers, send them the format of their choice.

I must also write a short synopsis (1-2 pages Aaarrgghh!) and a cover letter and print a double-spaced version of the first 100 pages. This is what the publisher I have selected wants, so that's what they'll get.

Off now to walk to the supermarket to buy food for dinner. It's not actually raining at the moment, so I can sneak in a bit of exercise. I did walk into town earlier to collect the local paper and buy vitamins and walked back the long way round via the river, so I haven't been totally sedentary today.
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Writing progress -- quick update

The first hundred pages turns out to be the Prologue and first 6 chapters. The file is prepared, all ready to print it as soon as the ink arrives.

I will do the covering letter and synopsis tomorrow. I have a couple of synopses of various lengths, so I don't have to write it totally from scratch.

Now I really must go off in search of something for dinner...
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