April 18th, 2006

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Writing progress

Synopses written today: ½

First thing this morning, I finished the synopsis I started yesterday. So I have a synopsis of sorts. It's exactly 2 pages long and does not contain any mention of Gregor.

It therefore needs a whole plot strand inserting and corresponding pruning to get it back down to under 2 pages.

This will take one more pass at least.

In other news, our son-in-law has embarked on negotiations on our behalf for the Daihatsu. With luck the deal can be concluded this week so G will have a vehicle capable of travelling to the conference he is attending next week.
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Writing progress

Synopses revised: 1

Gregor now mentioned. Synopsis pruned back to 2 pages. Next step, print out synopsis, have a cup of tea and an orange and read it through. If OK, I can print a final copy, wrap everything up in the padded bag and rush it to the Post Office before it closes.
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Writing progress

Synopses revised and reprinted: 1

I've just read it through again and even taking into account that I have just had a glass of wine with my dinner, I think the synopsis is OK.

So... The submission is go, go, go!

Tomorrow I will go down to the Post Office and send it out to seek its fortune.

Then I will start work on the next one...

In other news, we went to see the Daihatsu and it is just the thing. It will soon be ours. Price is agreed, I just have to empty our stuff out of ours so that G can take it to the garage for part-exchange tomorrow.

Our previous two Daihatsus were bright red. The new one is grey. I am trying to resist the urge to call it Gandalf. *g*