April 28th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Unusual things seen this week

Tuesday: Martin (a fellow IT tutor) and I were sitting in the lounge area of the centre where I teach one day a week in Wrexham. We had declared Tuesday an Enrolling Day, so we could have all the paperwork done and out of the way before lessons actually start.

A bunch of students had just departed, so we were getting on with various bits of paperwork when two police officers entered, one male, one female. Both were wearing stab vests and accoutred with the usual things police seem to carry these days: radio, handcuffs, truncheon etc. The policeman was also carrying a microwave and the policewoman had a table lamp.

Martin and I, slightly bemused, regarded the police. They apoligised for disturbing us and asked for one of the women who works at the centre. We explained she wasn't there and Martin showed them another office where they could leave the household items. They left, only to return a little while later with more bits and pieces, plus the woman that they were moving to a place of safety!

Today: Driving to work, I finally managed to spot the American bison! batwrangler has been photographing moose. I can't match that, but a local estate now have a small herd of American bison.
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