May 18th, 2006

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Pre-writing progress

Probably a couple of hundred words of notes written. Still no actual words yet, but I've been handed the missing piece that I needed before I can actually start.

This morning as I was waking up, in that moment between dreams and full wakefulness, I realised why Taliesin Jones is no longer married and why he lives with his mum. Yes! Thank you unconscious writer brain. Collapse )

And then while I was eating breakfast, the postman knocked. When I opened the door I felt the heart-sinking feeling one always experiences when being handed the returned MS of a submission. Which of course you know immediately is a returned MS because the envelope is large and addressed in one's own handwriting.

But actually it was a better sort of rejection. Scribbled on the standard rejection postcard was a comment. To whit:
I enjoyed your writing but X does not have a Fantasy list so this is not quite right for us.

Which is both encouraging and intriguing. I had done my homework and I considered some of the novels X publishes to be comic fantasy. They obviously classify them either as mainstream or just humour. Oh, well...

No time to send it out again today, but will do so over the weekend.
View from study (sunny)

Dons and dragons

I caught an interesting radio programme while driving to work this morning and I thought it might be of interest to others too. It's available from the BBC Radio 4 Listen Again if you go here:

As the BBC site says, "What links Alice, Aragorn, Aslam and Asriel?"

Michael Rosen investigates 4 of the UK's favourite fantasy writers for children and the city that links them.
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