May 21st, 2006

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Busy, busy

Did a whole load of stuff today, mostly dull domestic things. I didn't get to the Friends meeting on time and found myself locked out, so came back. Probably as well really because I had lots to do -- mostly a heap of ironing. There was a huge clean laundry backlog heaped in the conservatory.

Pile reduced somewhat now. Should be able to finish the rest tomorrow. I also wrote a short apazine, an apa being sort of the paper forerunner of LiveJournals I suppose. Anyway, a friend has enticed me to join one. brisingamen is a member, plus various other people who seem interesting. Speed of communication via apa is, naturally, at a snail's pace compared to e-communication. But a slower pace of virtual social life will be good after the hurly burly of rasfc, which I just dip into now.

Otherwise I can't think what I have been doing exactly, but the day has been filled with useful activity and very little time was sitting in front of the computer.

Still feeling panicky at the prospect of travelling to the US alone. I know I'll be fine once I'm on the plane, but I just get stressed at the thought of something going wrong and missing it. All the plans about meeting G and going to Boulder will collapse. Though presumably I'd still get to WisCon OK.
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