June 4th, 2006

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Too tired for anything but memes...

Found via anghara.

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Reason for tiredness is that I've just spent 3½ hours mowing the grass in the back garden. It was knee high and very hard work.

Leaving the first cut of the year until June is not a good idea, but the weekends before I went to the US were all far too wet to mow, then I was a way, so this weekend was the first chance I had to deal with it.

The front grass was easier and was done yesterday. If it's fine again tomorrow, I can finish off the bits I left due to running out of time/energy; otherwise it'll have to wait until next weekend.

Still not downloaded WisCon journal from Psion. Might do it later this evening. Not that it will be very exciting once it appears, so don't hold your breath. *g*