June 7th, 2006

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Late, as always

Yes, I realise this is a day late, but someone on rec.arts.sf.composition posted a link to a rather droll page about The Number of the Beast.

I must admit that after reading about "mini-beasts" some years ago in connection with school nature study -- it meant things like wood lice and beetles -- I've always thought of 333 as being the number of the mini-beast, but perhaps I should have used .666 and thought of them as millibeasts? I also thought of one addition to the list. If the Beast had a second home in the UK, the Beast's post code could be HE66 6LL.

There's also a more serious consideration of the meaning of the biblical passage here.
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A week of detours

Since returning to work after the trip to WisCon, I seem to be plagued by detours.

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1Do other nations enjoy endless conversations about roads and routes and where the road works are and whether it's best to go on the bypass, thus having to negotiate the contra-flow system where there's resurfacing work or whether to risk the traffic in the town centre?