June 11th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Exercise log

Time I ran for: 10 minutes
Time of day I ran: Midday
How I felt: Couldn't actually jog for 5 minutes without stopping. Kept getting out of breath and had to walk every so often. Ditto coming back.
Weather during the run: Hot and sunny.

First run of the training programme. I'm following the scheme suggested on the Serpentine Running Club's web site, ie the Couch potato to distance runner plan.

I have no intention of running great distances. Even when I was at school, I was a sprinter and hurdler not a distance runner and had great difficulty running 1 mile for a Girl Guide badge. But after the lack of fitness I showed when I went walking with G in the hills behind Boulder on the US trip and the expansion of my waistline over the winter, I need to get back into a proper exercise routine. Some days it's difficult to fit in an hour's walk, but a short run will take less time and also provide variation.

We will see how long this burst of enthusiasm lasts. *g*
View from study (sunny)

Writing progress

Words written today: 620
Word written total: 1241
Percentage complete: 1%
Daily average required to complete by (self-imposed) deadline: 199
Reason for stopping: Time to make dinner. Hungry now.

The weather is nice enough to do the alfresco writing thing again. I took my laptop down the the bottom of the garden, where I've been typing away in the shade under a tree.

My laptop is an aged IBM Thinkpad which was cheap and works well when plugged in, but if you try to run it from its own power it manages about 2 minutes before it beeps, "Help! I'm dying! Switch me onto mains power now!" However, by using the reel of cable I use for the mower, I can work outside, despite lack of battery power.

The story feels as if it's grinding along. On the one hand beginnings are fun, but there's no momentum behind the story yet and I still feel that the prose is dull. However, I've mentioned the murders, though Bethany still hasn't encountered the killer yet. That will be for next time. *g*