June 12th, 2006

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I find this something of a relief

Found via matociquala this blog post by Justine Larbalestier.

So just because I'm finding the beginning of the new WIP hard to write doesn't necessarily mean it's crap.

I knew that really. Looking back at my LJ I find days when I commented that writing a particular scene of Moving a Mountain was really hard going, but without that blog entry, I wouldn't be able to tell from just reading the prose. And some bits that come out easily and swiftly were good and some are most definitely were not and needed heavy rewriting at the second draft stage.
View from study (sunny)

Quick update

A quiet but useful weekend.

Saturday I had lunch at the Grapes with G and didn't do very much else except a bit of shopping in town where I bought the local newspaper The Cambrian News and also bought more padded envelopes so that Moving a Mountain can go off to another publisher this week. Oh, yes! I also finished mowing the front grass, so it's all short again and I weeded part of the area around the picnic table.

Sunday I did: some more weeding, went for my first run and did some writing.

Today I did loads of useful things: rushed the car to the garage for its new tyres and a computer diagnosis of why the little warning light of a car with a spanner through it keeps coming on. Also shifted our old futon bed out of the bedroom and ensured there was a clear pathway for the men delivering the bed. That entailed moving the shoe rack from the front hall and the laundry basket from the landing. Also closing all other doors so they couldn't see the untidiness. *g*

I just had the matress dragged into the spare room and the futon dismantled when the bed arrived.

The new bed is splendid. I hope it's as comfy to sleep on as it is to lie on briefly. I have hopes that my stiff back will improve with a better bed.

The bedroom makeover is thus almost entirely finished. I just have to re-hang the two bird prints, buy a new lightshade and buy some new sets of bedding that will match the new decor. I do also need a new wardrobe, but it's a question of finding the right design in the right size. There's no rush. It all functions as it is and looks so much better than before.

Next room to tackle is my study...