June 17th, 2006

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Exercise log

Time I ran for: 0 minutes
Time of day I ran: Didn't run. See I told you that this was likely to be a short-lived fit of enthusiasm!
How I felt:
Weather during the run:

However... Though I didn't run, I did go out for a brisk 20 minute walk at lunch time. The lane behind the college rises steeply, so it wasn't just a brisk walk but a stiff climb, so I can claim to have done some exercise.

Having done the first week of the programme, the next step is to work out where I have suitable slots in the week for an exercise session and also to decide what kind of exercise it should be: a run, a walk or a bike ride. Also the schedule needs to be flexible to allow for weather and how I'm feeling generally.
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Three steps forward, two back

It was a succession of good things and not so good things this week.

Good thing: The new bed that was delivered and assembled last Monday is a wonderful improvement. I no longer wake up with a stiff back that only loosens up as the day progresses. Collapse )

Bad thing: I have finally realised that I'm getting nowhere with persuading Watford Electronics to replace the faulty computer they sold me. They say that they prefer to communicate via email, but then they just don't reply to messages. Collapse )
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