June 25th, 2006

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Exercise log

Saturday 17 June
Time I ran for:
7½ mins without stopping. 10 mins in total (just one short period of walking)
Monday 19 June
Time I ran for:
10 mins (Also walked into town and walked from the car park in Caernarfon to the castle in search of a loo.)
Wednesday 21 June
Time I ran for:
10 mins
Saturday 24 June
Time I ran for:
10 mins

Ah ha! Hands up those who thought my efforts at exercising had come to an untimely end? Far from it, I've just been too busy to post, that's all. *g*

In fact, as you can see, I can now run jog for the whole 10 minutes without stopping to catch my breath. It is a very slow jog, the sort of jog I always used to sneer at when I saw other people doing it ("Oh, come on! I can walk almost that fast!") but the exercise programme does seem to be working.

I intend to do another week of 10 minute runs, trying to increase the speed a little each day, and then next week I'll try extending the time by a couple of minutes.

Wheee! Progress!

It's nice to make progress with something. I still haven't confirmed the address in order to send the dead computer back. That's my job for tomorrow, find correct address and sort out how to return it. But last Monday I went and bought another computer from Curry's. This one seems to be fine and I'm making some progress in transferring stuff from the old machine to the new one. Even with the network connection, it will be a long job. There are so many little things that always get forgotten.

Anyway, I now have MS Office 2000 on the new machine, so I can start using it for writing, also Semagic for LJ posts and I sort of have the email working. The problem is, Turnpike 6 will receive emails happily, but only sends one at a time. Very slowly. Just another little challenge to be dealt with. Sigh...