July 1st, 2006

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In Limbo sounds about right...

I should be doing all kinds of things, like mowing the front grass and the back grass and strimming the out of control grass around the picnic table and...

Well, you get the idea.

I will have to sort out some clean clothes for G who is off to two academic conferences this week. (Salzberg via Dundee).

Otherwise, apart from printing out the first 50 pages of Moving a Mountain to send to the agent who requested them (!) I plan to do as little as possible today in an attempt to recover from the stresses of the last couple of weeks.

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Aaaarrgghh! I hate computers!

Today I have achieved two useful things: I have got my Turnpike email working properly on the new computer and I have printed out the first 50 pages of Moving a Mountain to send to the agent who responded to my query with a, "Please send me more."

It has taken me most of the day. Sigh...

I knew the migration to Daisy, the new Packard Bell, would take some time; it always does. However, I had hoped that the fact that the computers are now networked would make the process a little quicker.

So far I have installed MS Office, iTunes and Turnpike 6. I have used Turnpike for my mail ever since I ventured onto the Internet, so I had no intention of using Outlook Express. The sequence goes something like this...

- Install Turnpike
- Enter my details
- Work out how to set up folders for my different email addresses (6 in all)
- Send test message

Result: computer receives email no problem, but test message doesn't send. Collapse )

But by now I have an inkling as to what the problem might be. This is a new version of Kaspersky. I knew Turnpike 6 worked with our broadband and router because I'd had it running on the laptop while I was waiting for the USB gadget for connecting the aged desktop to the network. What I'd forgotten was that it was working with an older version of Kaspersky. This version, I now discover, scans incoming and outgoing emails as well.

Adjust settings in Kaspersky to a lower security level and suddenly the mail is working.


With email and Usenet stuck on the old Desktop (Dobbin), there was little point in trying to do serious work on Daisy, but now I can now make serious progress towards moving to my new virtual home.
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My very own dungeon

I had a little play in my dungeon during the week, but didn't have time to concentrate. I died again, but did much better this time.

I died in the Dungeon of Llygoden

I was killed in a derelict corridor by Dancinghorse the zombie, whilst carrying...

a Figurine of Ellarien, the Sceptre of Beth Bernobich, the Shield of Nonyomni, the Armour of Castiron, the Sceptre of Dsgood, the Shield of Papersky, the Wand of Zen, the Sword of Brisingamen, the Sceptre of Planetalyx, a Figurine of Green Knight, the Sceptre of Jasper Fforde and 194 gold pieces.

Score: 197

Explore the Dungeon of Llygoden and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...
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