July 7th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

I don't believe in horoscopes but...

This horoscope is a pretty good match for today as far as I can see. (From the My Yahoo page.)

Today can be a relaxing day, provided you make the necessary effort to deal with material constraints, dear Gemini. You would like nothing better than to spend much of the day planning fun activities for the future. But, alas, demands from your partner, children, or boss force you to concentrate instead on the here and now. Still, don't abandon your wonderfully pleasing goals and ambitions.

I am not working today, having turned my week round so I could work last Monday in order to attend the ECDL presentation, and I would indeed like to spend the day planning fun activities, but the demands of my partner dictate that I retrieve him from Llandudno Junction some time during the early evening. This will take a considerable chunk of time, though depending on how much I manage to get done today, I might incorporate a bit of shopping en route.

Actually, the new road widening scheme, which is finally complete, has chopped about 10 minutes off the journey, making it now about 1 hour 20 mins instead of an hour and a half. The old road was so narrow that if two large vehicles, such as a bus and a lorry met on a bend, they just couldn't pass and hold ups were almost inevitable. And of course the road works themselves, plus obligatory traffic lights, have added to the journey time during the many years the project has been running. At least 6 all told from start to finish.

There are still a couple of points where it was impossible to do anything about the narrowness. One is a splendid Victorian railway arch and the other is the tight turn onto the narrow bridge over the Fairy Glen. But this is a small price to pay. It would have been sacrilege to destroy the charm of these features by demolishing them and erecting something modern made of concrete.

Anyway, off now to attempt some writing...
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