July 9th, 2006

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Just in case anyone is short of story ideas

Someone on rasfc linked to this automatic brainstorming story idea generator.

It offered me:

They seemed friendly enough, but were their intentions true?

This is a charismatic, believable drama featuring a senile animal. It takes place during the meteor shower, on Easter Island. The basic story is about the existence of God and suggests that laughter is the best medicine.

Extra points for including castor-oil filled pinatas, a robot monkey, a lobster magnet, tequila on corn flakes, or a working model of the solar system.

It's coming up to the time of year when I like silly writing challenges. Will I do anything with this? Who knows? Perhaps if a senile animal turns up, wanting to tell me about the time she spent on Easter Island.
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New computer update

Unlike sciamanna, I am progressing very slowly with the transfer from the old Windows 98 machine to Daisy, the new Packard Bell Windows XP computer.

I do now have email and Usenet and Semagic for LJ on Daisy and I've copied over a couple of folders of data, so writing and other stuff is now being done on the new machine. But I got distracted by learning how to use iTunes to manually update my iPod. I needed to know how to do this because I've put more CDs into the iTunes library than will fit on my Nano, so I needed to work out how to move stuff on and off, as I get bored with it.

While I was at it, I also found out how to download a podcast and copy it to the iPod. And having done that successfully, I went in search of Welsh lessons to download.

I now have a veritable feast of music and words to listen to. In two languages!