July 10th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Progress of a sort

I think I have now moved all data over to Daisy the new computer. I've also installed a couple of favourite programs and my desktop wallpaper pictures. Oh, and my 598 fonts.

The final step is to go through the Program list and note anything that I have installed on old Dobbin that needs adding to the new machine.

There is, of course, the little problem of the printer, for which I can no longer find the installation discs. Hopefully I will be able to find drivers on the web. I may well buy a new printer, but if this one will last a bit longer, it will save some money.

So the plan now is to work on the new machine whilst leaving the old one up for about a week. I'm sure there will be something I've forgotten to transfer, there always is, but with luck it won't be too vital.
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