July 17th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

A domestic day by numbers

Today I have:

  • scrubbed and steam cleaned 1 rat cage and wrapped it carefully before stashing it in the garage. We might get more ratties in the autumn and though G had cleaned it after Meurig Rat died, I wanted it thoroughly clean before I stored it.

  • downloaded and installed 2 versions of the BrainBox mindmapping software. The old version does things that were lost in the new version, so though it was written for Windows 3.1 and is therefore a bit clunky, I still use it. But the new version has the little talking wizard, which I use too, so I need both.

  • Then G distracted me from the computer by saying he wanted a book that he thought was stored in the garage. After lots of heaving boxes about and grovelling around in the hot darkness at the back of the garage, feeling not unlike a coal miner working in a very tricky restricted space, though without the dangers of power tools and rock falls, naturally, because the biggest danger was only that one of the bundles of table legs might attack my shins, I failed to find the books. I did, however, manage to throw out 4 sacks of rubbish.

  • One of the boxes I cleared was full of old toys, not worth salvaging, apart from 5, which I rescued to use in the still lifes for the digital photography classes.

  • I also retrieved 6 books from the boxes, which look interesting or useful and I will find homes for them on my bookshelves.

And finally, to clear my head of the frustration of not finding G's books, I went for a 10 minute run.

Now I just have to pop into the Co-op and do a quick shop so we have some food for the week.
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