July 19th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Moaning about the weather

It's hot! Driving home from work the temperature reached 32 dec C according to the car. (90 deg F more or less).

It shouldn't get that hot in Wales!

We've sweltered in work all day and I don't know how I can teach a class tomorrow afternoon. Not only will I be wilting, but the students won't be able to work at all if it's as hot as this. The classroom has a flat roof, which absorbs all the heat from the sun, the computers have to be on and none of the windows open.

With luck it'll thunder and be cooler tomorrow.

An odd thing did happen as I turned off the bypass and headed into Dolgellau; the temperature plummeted by almost 7 degrees and when I reached home, there was a cool breeze. We had to close some windows because papers were blowing around and the doors were banging.

But now it's totally and utterly still. And hot. And clammy.

Is this the Calm Before the Storm?
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