July 23rd, 2006

island calm

Electronic decluttering

I have now completed the last stage of moving stuff from my old computer to the new one. Namely going through the in-boxes and filed emails, exporting the messages I needed and deleting the rest.

I could have copied the mailboxes over and incorporated the old stuff into the new version of Turnpike. But did I really want to clutter up my sent items folder with the 8011 messages that I've just deleted?

*Boggles quietly at number of old messages now despatched to the electronic aether.*

Admittedly that does represent 10 years of Usenet posts and correspondence, but still. That's a lot of messages.

Anyway, I can finally dismantle the old computer and get rid of it. Then there will be the moving around of furniture to do as I get rid of the desk I'm currently typing on and put the new computer on the proper computer desk.

During the rearranging, I think I will clean up my old keyboard and see if it will work with the new computer. The one that came with it isn't too bad, but its action is stodgier than the old one and somehow harder work to type on.