July 29th, 2006

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A quiet day

Mostly spent recovering from yesterday!

However, I did:

  • shorten the black gypsy skirt by removing the bottom flounce. Ankle length just isn't practical for work/everyday, so I'll now get more wear out of it.

  • download the photos from yesterday and sorted out the best. Sadly haven't got around to putting them online, due to tiredness.

  • throw out a few items from my study

  • create a To Do List for the study makeover with my new To Do List program.

The To Do List can be downloaded from here, in case anyone's interested. I actually downloaded it from a different link that G gave me because it was in amongst a list of hydrological modelling software he'd been sent. I had to answer a questionnaire and feign an interest in flood modelling and sewer design in order to be given the correct link. But subsequent Googling led me to its home page. It's really simple to use and took only about 5 mins to master. Also, because it's just one program and runs without needing to be installed, I think it might even work on the college computers, which means that I can take my To Do List with me on the memory stick.

And that's it for the day, other than having an afternoon nap (really unusual for me!) and reading more of Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann. This is a whodunit with sheep detectives, which is just as weird as it sounds, but quite interesting. The sheepy personalities are done rather well and there are lots of dark secrets to uncover, and not just amongst the humans, it seems.
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Oh, I forgot to mention...

I think I have now copied the final file from the old computer to the new one. A remark in matociquala's LJ the other day reminded me that I hadn't transferred the Word User dictionary with all my made up names in it.

I have now. *g*

Finally, tomorrow, I need to take the plunge and delete all my data from the old machine and dismantle it, which is the first step in the study makeover/rearrangement.
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