July 31st, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Exercise Summary


Monday 17 July: 10 mins
Sunday 30 July: 10 mins


Saturday 22 July: 4 miles to Penmaenpool and back
Monday 24 July: All day (6 hours?) climbed Rhobell Benglog and Rhobell Fawr
Friday 28 July: 6 hours walking along the foot of Cadair Idris to Llyn Arran
Monday 31 July: ½ hour walk


I felt it was going to get tedious writing about each exercise session, so I intend to do it weekly or fortnightly from now on.

The hot weather and the change to my routine because the classes had finished rather put paid to the running, but I've been doing more strenuous walking, so that's all right then.