August 5th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

We see the wild goats!

More field work today. Sensibly limited this time to about 3 hours of walking/scrambling. Collapse )

I took lake pictures, plus a little movie as an experiment. And then, just as we were about to go, G realised that the white dots at the end of the lake were not sheep, as I had assumed, but the wild Rhinog goats. Fishing out the little binoculars, I confirmed that they were indeed goats. We've seen them before, but didn't know they came this far west. Possibly they were escaping from the hordes who are no doubt trudging up and down the Roman Steps. I don't know whether they saw us, but if they did, I can imagine them saying to one another, "Oh, no! Humans! And we came here to get away from them."