August 12th, 2006

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Writing progress

On Revealing Secrets?

Not a lot.

I Googled for some pictures of people who look more or less like my protags. This is just to help firm up the images in my head.


Finally plucked up the courage to submit a story to Escape Pod. I've been enjoying their podcasts over the past few weeks and I had a previously published story that was just the right length and which was suitably upbeat with moments of actual humour, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Decided that as Revealing Secrets is sulking and going nowhere, I'll have a bash at finishing the one about escaping from a desperately dreary life to faerie -- and then regretting it! Found the printouts and notes done at the point where the story stuck.

In other news...Collapse )

But tomorrow I have a day off as I'm meeting my brother and his family in Crickhowell tomorrow.