August 14th, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Ooooo, shiny!

I've had a tiny Swiss army knife for some years, but the other week I forgot to transfer it from my handbag to the rucksack when I went out for a walk and I could have done with it. So I decided to splash out and buy another, so I can keep one in each bag permanently.

The old one is red and the new one is green.

And they have slightly different attachments. Oooo, I'm spoiled for choice.

I then had to decide which to keep in my handbag for everyday and which to take out on walks.

The red one has: knife blade, nail file cum screwdriver, scissors and a light.

The green one has: knife blade, nail file cum screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener cum Phillips screwdriver and tweezers!

Both have tiny push out pen.

In the end, I decided the tweezers and Phillips screwdriver were going to be more use in the workplace than the field, so that one gets to travel with me in the handbag.
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