October 23rd, 2006

View from study (sunny)

Visit to offspring and exciting news!

The weekend worked out well. After discussing various options, it had been decided that I should go down by train on the Saturday morning, be met by A (our daughter) and have lunch with her. Then we would go to see their new house and meets the in-laws who were over from Ireland for the week. Finally A would drive me to Port Talbot to stay with M (our son). Sunday would be spent with M & M and they would take me back to Cardiff for my train home on Sunday evening. Collapse )

Today I've just caught up with online stuff and typed up the words written on Saturday. I also had a nap because whatever it is that M had, I think I might have it too, though I can't have caught it off him because I had a headache on Sunday morning, and nothing has that short an incubation period!

Back in work tomorrow, though thankfully it's a light day with just the Welsh class in the afternoon and the evening class to cope with.
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