February 10th, 2007

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Novel in 90, reflecting on progress so far

I'm finding that novel_in_90's 750 words a day target is absolutely perfect for me. I've finished a few novels before, the last two were even half way decent and the most recent is looking for a publisher right now, but I spent far too long writing them. If I have any hopes of publication, I need to produce at a faster rate. For one thing, the thought of a publisher saying, "Yes, we'd love to publish X. And we'd like a sequel/other novel in 12 months time," really worried me.

Each time November comes round, I contemplate NaNoWriMo, but fortunately common sense has always prevailed. Working full-time and having a long commute, there is just no way I could keep up 1667 words a day. Collapse )

A target of 750 words per day is exactly right for me.

In the meantime, every time I think of the novel and how unoriginal it is, I just beat my internal editor over the head with a wet fish and dance round her chanting:

iTs just the shitty furst draught, yoo can allways go back and change ti later. Gofor it!!!!


Besides, it doesn't matter if this sucks because it's just a self-indulgent thing you're doing for practice so that you can write the "miner's strike with dwarfs" story. When you've honed your skills on this, you'll be able to write something really good.


There is no idea so old and hackneyed that a good writer can't make a good story out of it.

[*] My official novel_in_90 average is the slightly lower 686, but I just can't write every day with my current workload, so I have slightly modified the goals.
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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 767
Total words in novel: 72,857
People killed: 0
Mean Nice things done to characters: Huw is reunited with Mark and the Light Cavalry Squadron.

I fiddled about all day, but just when it looked as though I have to admit to 0 words, I went for a walk to the supermarket and the thinking time generated the 767 words I needed to keep on target.

I have also reached the end of the scene and the end of Chapter 12.

It's the big battle next!

Oh, and I just put cavarly into Word's autocorrect. It's how my fingers want to spell cavalry. At least they don't spell it Calvary. *g*