March 11th, 2007

View from study (sunny)

Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 1007
Total words in novel: 83,493
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: Mark is beginning to realise the impact the war has had on the ordinary people.

NOVEL IN 90 counting the days:

65/ 90 (72%)

A NECESSARY EVIL: 1007 new words:

A Necessary Evil
83,493/ 110,000 (76%)

I managed to finish the sex scene by chanting my new writing mantra: No one need ever see this if you don't want them to. So what are you scared of?

Other useful things:

I finally got some comments on Chapter 2 & 3 today from the informal crit group I joined recently. From what Jacey said, it's apparent that the Huw POV sections are not working as well as the Mark POV ones. After glancing over the whole MS (see, I knew I ought to have put a printing copy together ages ago!), I think I could cut all the Huw POV scenes or rewrite them from Mark's POV without losing anything except a lot of explanation that the reader probably doesn't need to know. (Though it was stuff I did need to know, of course, so the writing of those scenes was useful insofar as they brainstormed the necessary background.)

This means that for the trilogy Book 1 will be 1 POV (Mark), Book 2 will be 2 POVs (Huw and Elen) and Book 3 will be 3 POVs (Mark, Huw and Elen). I think Huw needs POV in book 3 because there are scenes where only he is present that are vital to the story and also I need to resolve his story thread, not to mention the romance between him and Ceri. *g*

In other news...

The Internet never ceases to astonish me. Today I discovered more or less by accident that not only is it possible to buy the sheet music of songs online, but that you can preview the score, have the computer play the tune for you and then -- get this for coolness! -- you can have the piece transposed to the key of your choice before you print off your copy. Wow!

I'm sorry if this means the death of those little independent music shops that I loved in my youth, but doing it online is just tons better. No longer will I have to buy a whole expensive book just because I want one or two songs out of it. No longer will all my sheet music have the chords crossed out and the chords I actually play pencilled in alongside.

Anyway, all this wittering about sheet music is because I mean to start playing the guitar and singing again (I need some non-computer based hobbies) and I badly need to update my repertoire. I am now the proud possessor of the sheet music for Lily Allen's LDN.