March 30th, 2007

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It's Friday, my brain is fried...

So it's time for a quizzy thing. *g*

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There will be no words on the novel today. I taught this morning. Well, actually they were taking a mock test and then a test, so I wasn't teaching as such. But I did have to mark the tests. (They all passed!)

I was then good and did a slightly different walk around Ruthin town centre before settling down to assess the work the people on the Introduction to Digital Photography course have been doing.

I snuck away at 4 pm to find the road home really quiet. I suppose all the weekenders are waiting until next weekend, which is the Bank Holiday.
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I think that's so me!

Via owlfish this link to whatifoundthere's Zodiac of the Awesome.

Apparently, having been born in May, I'm an Attack Monkey. This means:

Personality: You have prehensile toes and an in with dangerous megacorporations. Bananas and heads of state fear you. You have adorable, human-like features.

Now all I need is a closet to hide in...

Off to watch TV now while my computer downloads Man from U.N.C.L.E. episodes free from AOL!
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