May 13th, 2007

View from study (sunny)

Busy, busy, busy

I just seem to have worked and worked and worked recently. That's because the marking for the fiction writing course has taken up the last three weekends. Fortunately the day job is not too onerous at the moment. The teaching load increases in a couple of week's time though, so I need to catch up while I can.

Quick summary of the last few days...

Friday I got to go to a meeting in Wrexham, which meant that yet again I missed the Open Day when small kids from the local schools come to visit the college. One of these days I'll manage the guided tour of the whole college lands. (We have a farm, being an agricultural college, but I have no idea exactly how far the college land extends to.)

Anyway, yesterday (Saturday), having sat at the computer all day, which was partly due to OU work and partly due to the pouring rain, I managed to take a walk of a couple of miles in the early evening. I had an activity to do for the OU Digital Photography course (taking the same photo on different ISO settings) so on the way I tried out a couple of the other settings on my camera.

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I think the Sports setting has lots of potential! I will no longer have to avoid moving things -- in fact I'll be seeking them out!
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