June 2nd, 2007

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Second childhood?

If one of the signs of growing old is entering one's second childhood, then I'm well on the way.

In order to avoid the hour of Doom and Gloom and Endless Speculation that is Radio 4's Today programme, I now listen to Radio 1. Believe it or not, I find the Chris Moyles show to be just the thing to listen to while driving to work. Pace those of you who listen to Radio 2, but I want new music. If I wanted to listen to the music of my youth, I still have the tapes and the LPs. *g* Besides, I can't stand Wogan who has the morning drive time show. I find him smug and patronising. Sorry, but I do.

It's not just my choice of radio channel either. I have become a daily pilgrim to the shrine of lolcats. So my weekday routine is now: get up, eat breakfast, dress, get into car, drive to work listening to stupid banter and latest pop songs, arrive in work, make cup of tea and check the latest funny kitten picture. It sets me up for the day. *g*

Does this mean I don't care what happens in the world? Of course it doesn't, but there's damn all I can do about any of it, so why get worked up about it? There's just too much "news" aired these day, most of it actually "experts" ruminating and speculating and not news at all. There's so much news, in fact that even though I consciously try to avoid it whenever possible, plenty still seeps through so I'm never out of touch. In any case, Radio 1's Newsbeat does present the main news stories. What it doesn't do is then proceed to witter on about them for the next three quarters of an hour. It's not the news per se that triggers my tendency to dismal thoughts, it's the endless dwelling that the serious news and current affairs programmes encourage.
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island calm

I really did lol!

I've known for some time that Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog, but I don't read it except when someone links to it. (Only so many hours in the day. Internet is huge etc.). Therefore I have to thank oursin for linking to this post.

It's an absolute classic.

I also have to thank zeborahnz for this link to lolcode.

And not only that, there is now the book...


[For those of you who aren't programmers or who don't live with a programmer and thus might not get the joke, here are some other books in the series: Javascript, Perl and lots more.]
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