July 25th, 2007

View from study (sunny)

What I did on my holiday -- Day 4, Boulder

Today I headed in a different direction to investigate the historic district of the University Hill neighbourhood.

Having said yesterday that it's impossible to get lost in Boulder, I discovered today that it's still possible to go the wrong way when taking spur of the moment "short cuts". However, this led to the discovery of some useful shops, like a Safeway and I was soon heading in the right direction again.

The university is very attractive; the route I took led through part of the campus. Then I wandered around the University Hill neighbourhood, stopping for a while in the Harbeck-Bergheim house, now the Boulder History Museum.

Here I learned more about the area (for example I knew about the gold mining, but not about the coal) and also managed to cool off a little before wending my way around the pleasant streets and thence eventally back down the hill again and all the way along Arapahoe Avenue, stopping off to buy food for a snack lunch and light evening meal at Wild Oats, a whole food supermarket.

Back at the Golden Buff Lodge, I did a load of washing while writing more words for the WIP. I quickly checked the online students and now I await G's return from his day's studying.

I do seem to be getting fitter and I'm just about coping with the heat, but the hot, hard pavements are very hard on my poor feet.