August 5th, 2007

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What I did on my holiday in Boulder

Here is the rest of my journal for the days in Boulder. I have backdated the entries so a) you don't have to read the tedious detail if you don't want and b) so the posts will be in the right place if/when I look back on them in the future.

Day 3 -- Old Boulder, New Boulder and a touch of the familiar in an unfamiliar place

Day 4 -- I visit the University Hill neighbourhood.

Day 5 -- I discover that you can't walk everywhere and more historic neighbourhoods.

Day 6 -- I climb Mount Sanitas.

I will see if I can type up the Estes Park stuff tomorrow. But right now I need another cup of tea and to do some more decluttering and tidying.
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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled this weekend: 6½
Miles travelled on holiday: 68½
Miles travelled so far: 224½
Miles still to go: 233½
Percentage complete: 49%

Point reached on journey: I have passed the crumbled ruins and have almost reached the foot of the Weather Hills. I'm almost half way and there are just a few more miles to Weathertop!
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