August 15th, 2007

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Mother of the Groom

I'm going to have to blog the wedding in instalments. Tweaking the pictures is taking longer than I thought. I have to say, I am becoming a dab hand at cloning out cars and other extraneous objects, so I am becoming faster. Though the digital photography course gave me the skills to improve photos, it also made me even more picky about what I post. (See the "before" and "after" versions of the photo of Erin with her Dad and Great-grandpa for an example of what I mean.)

We had made a plan. I had volunteered to take my Dad (well into his 80s) down to South Wales with us. My brother's car would be full and a 4-5 hour journey squashed between my nephew and niece would be no fun at all for my Dad.

On Wednesday, therefore, I drove up to Prestatyn (on the North Wales coast), had a cup of tea with Dad and then brought him back to our house where he stayed the night. I then had the unevniable task of getting my Dad and G to the hotel in Port Talbot in time for G to try on the hired suit. (M's fiancée wanted all the men to match!)

Of course my Dad wanted to be off immediately after breakfast, which would have got us to the hotel too early. G needed gentle hassling or we would have got there too late. By some miracle, we did actually set off just about in time, thus allowing us to briefly break the journey at a lovely little seaside town en route.

Seaside cafe, Aberaeron
Seaside cafe, Aberaeron
On the way down to Port Talbot, we stopped off at a little cafe by the sea.

The hotel was excellent: comfortable and modern, but not too posh. They're totally geared up for weddings and everything was very well organised. Collapse )

The wedding ceremony was nicely done. They had a male voice choir to lead the singing, which ensured that the Welsh hymn Calon Lan was sung well, despite few of the congregation speaking Welsh. (Bizarrely M, A and G and I were possibly the only Welsh speakers amongst the guests, though M's fiancee's family are totally Welsh going back generations and we're immigrants from England.)

The newlyweds were then whisked off to have photos taken in an abbey somewhere, whilst the rest of the guests were bussed back to the hotel. Just as M & M arrived, the weather broke, but the official family photos were taken inside.

I will get the official pictures in due course and lots of guests were taking pictures too, probably better than mine because as Mother of the Groom, I couldn't really focus on taking photos. But as you can see, I did grab a few whenever I got a chance, though they were only with the little Olympus, not the Canon.

I will continue this saga tomorrow once I've enhanced more piccies.

The bride and groom arrive at the reception
The bride and groom arrive at the reception

The weather broke as Mike and Michelle arrived at the hotel to join all the guests at the reception.
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