August 22nd, 2007

View from study (sunny)

A tiny intruder!

Last night, as I headed for bed, I found a little visitor nestling on our quilt. One of us had left the light on and the curtains open. This ladybird had blundered in through the partially open window.

A ladybird resting on our bed
A ladybird resting on our bed
What intrigued me was the fact that the ladybird seemed to be trying to hide on the quilt, as though it hoped we wouldn't notice it was there.
Ladybird trying to hide on our quilt cover
Ladybird trying to hide on our quilt cover
This shot shows more clearly how it had carefully lined itself up with the pale flecks on the quilt cover. It had avoided the plain or striped areas and had settled on a section where it would blend in.

How did it know that it was spotted and would be camouflaged on that particular part of the quilt? Can an insect see itself?

Anyway, fearing that we would squash it in the night if we left it where it was, I carefully put it outside onto the window ledge, but only after I'd photographed it!

Oh, and on the subject of photographing tiny things, I've just ordered a closeup lens so I can photograph even tinier subjects. :)
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