December 2nd, 2007

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I am still here...

I seem to have been rather quiet recently. This is simply due to general busyness at work and lack of anything interesting or insightful to say.

Other than work, I only have a quick trip to Cardiff to report. I went down there this weekend to visit the offspring and grand-daughter.

I went by train, setting off on Saturday morning. I did consider driving as it gives me more flexibility regarding the return journey (there are only two trains on a Sunday to Machynlleth (our nearest station)), however, I was glad I didn't as the weather was absolutely foul down in the south with charcoal grey skies, thunderstorms and heavy hail showers. The train trundled through it all perfectly happily, but it would have been very tiring for me to cope with.

As it was I had a pleasant journey both ways and managed to relax on the train, do some reading and listen to my iPod. Collapse )
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