December 4th, 2007

View from study (sunny)

Stuff done today...

Today I have:

  • Tidied and dusted the top of the chest of drawers in the kitchen.

  • Posted the photos of Erin to Facebook where my daughter can see them.

  • Refilled the bird feeders (no sign of squirrel).

  • Caught up with LJ and rasfc.

  • Made and eaten lunch

  • Put away the decorative thingy that I wore in my hair to Mike's wedding. (Um, yes, it's been sitting in a box on top of the fridge for a mere 4 months.)

  • Put all the recurring events (like birthdays and vehicle MOTs) into Outlook so the dates can be shared with the mobile phone calendar.

  • Checked online tutor group, updated tracking database regarding student activity. Students currently playing nicely and critiquing one another's writing.

  • Had numerous cups of tea. Mmmm... About time for another and a little snacklet of something.

  • Waited in all day for the office supplies delivery that never came...

  • Opened the first assignment that I'm supposed to be marking.

  • Phoned B to apologise for missing the Quaker meeting due to visiting offspring.

  • Phoned my Dad to arrange family visit before Christmas.

  • Practised the Welsh sentences in Stories 1 & 2 of the Llanllawen course book.

  • Walked into town and bought food at the Co-op.

  • Made and eaten a light dinner.

  • Browsed my Flickr groups.

  • Made sentence cards from the first entry in Blodwen Jones's diary. (Bywyd Blodwen Jones by Bethan Gwanas)

  • Closed the assignment I was supposed to be marking.

Ahem... Guess what I was supposed to be doing today? Yes, marking the assignments. If procrastination was a competitive sport, I'd be up there with the medal winners.
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