December 22nd, 2007

computer typing

Ooo I have an Eee!

My new Eee PC has arrived!

Well, it arrived yesterday, but yesterday was the final day at work and after teaching the morning session, going out for lunch with colleagues, dashing back to the main college to send some flyers re a course in the new year and driving home, I didn't have the energy to play with my new toy.

But I have had a little play now and it is cuuuute!

My new computer
My new computer
A llygoden's eye view of the Eee.
An Eee's eye view of me
An Eee's eye view of llygoden
Taken with the Eee's webcam.

It runs Linux and my plan is to use it for writing and also for accessing LJ and possibly rasfc away from the desktop computer. It will be ideal for travelling as it's only the size of a hardback book when closed up. Also due to have no hard disk, it should be more suited to the rigours of travel than a conventional laptop.

I did get a lot of use out of my Psion, but this looks as though it'll be even more useful. I am looking forward to getting to know it over the holiday.