December 25th, 2007


The battle continues...

This morning, as we were lying in bed in that delicious half-conscious state between waking and sleeping, there was a loud flump from outside the bedroom window.

On looking out, what should I see but the squirrel, hunched over the bird feeder which was now on the conservatory roof. The squirrel froze the moment it realised it was being observed. It then made off across the roof leaving the bird feeder stranded, out of reach.

The bird feeder lies forlornly on the conservatory roof.
Squirrel 1, llygoden and the little birdies 0
After stuffing himself with peanuts, the squirrel abandons the feeder on the roof.

I don't actually begrudge the squirrel a few peanuts, but by knocking the feeder down it deprives the little birdies of their food and the little birdies are supposed to amuse me as I sit at my computer desk working.

I have now bought a new bird feeder which looks to be more squirrel proof.