January 4th, 2008


Thoughts on privilege and more scanned slides...

I have nobly resisted that privilege meme, mostly because as mevennen says, "I thought the whole thing might start me off on a 'we were living in't hole in't middle of road' style lampoon." Also the list seemed to me to be too US-centric and to apply to a younger generation. Hardly anyone had cars where I grew up, so the fact that we didn't have one didn't make me feel under-privileged in any way. Even telephones were rare until I was into my teens.

I grew up as an inner city kid in the 50s and 60s, but we had space to play (thanks to the benevolence of Victorian benefactors) and books in the public library and decent schools and free health care and National Health orange juice and school milk and a holiday at the seaside every summer. There were kids in books who did seem to have more, but they were just fictional, weren't they?

Well, no. When I went to university and finally mixed with middle class kids, I realised that some people did live like that, but our family has been upwardly mobile for several generation, from my great grandfather who left the land to work as a coal miner in Manchester to my generation who are teachers/lecturers. The offspring continue the trend and both have decent jobs and own their own homes and so the family has managed to sneak into the middle-middle class.

Anyway, back in 1969 we had snow and parks to play in. What more could a kid want? :)

Snow in the park
Snow in the park

Helen by the stream in Boggart Hole Clough, Manchester, Feb 1969

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