January 15th, 2008


I want one of these!

I have to thank green_knight for making me aware that these cool conveyances exist. I gave up keeping horses some years ago now, but it has left a hole in my life with regard to equine company, not to mention removing one source of enjoyable exercise.

For some time I've had the ambition to start again, this time with a small pony (and avoiding all the traps I got myself into last time, like having no one to look after the pony while I was away on holiday or ill, for example). I would probably get a Shetland. I've known some badly behaved Shetlands, but as long as you remember that they're horses not pets and treat them accordingly, they can be great fun. And they can go quite fast enough for me. Here's a movie of the Shetland Grand National. See their little legs go!

View from study (sunny)

What's in a name?

Well, a lot, as anyone who writes knows. Quite a few people find that changing the name can completely change the character's personality.

Anyway, I wasn't thinking of fictional names so much as LiveJournal ones. I now have four LJs. Yes, you probably only read this one, but I do have more. One is a brand new one that I haven't posted in yet but which I intend to use for blogging in Welsh. Another is one that I used for a while as a mirror of the purely writing related posts on this blog, but when I stop tutoring the OU course in a few weeks time, I won't have a use for that any more. The fourth is the blog where I webbed the fantasy whodunit.

I feel a bit of rationalisation is required.

I've been fighting the low level depression since going back to work after Christmas. (It didn't show itself over the Christmas period this time due to the fact that I didn't have anything to do other than eat and sleep!) But now I'm supposed to be working, operating on half a brain that just wants to go to sleep isn't very productive. I'm therefore working on solutions. Firstly I've finally ordered a lightbox and secondly I've been working through some self-help materials on combatting depression.

And I've been thinking...

I don't know that a mouse is what I want to be any more. Right now I feel that I've been growing more and more like my default icon, a shy little thing peeping out from the undergrowth. Whilst I don't want to go over the top in the other direction, I feel something a bit more positive and dynamic, hence the rationalisation. I also want to drop the pen name and write purely as Helen Hall. (The pen name was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time, but has turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. C'est la vie!)

I hadn't been aware that it was possible to change an LJ name, but another person on my friends' list mentioned it and now I realise it can be done I have the urge to rationalise.

Basically I thought I'd swap the names of the new blog heleninwales with llygoden, thus making heleninwales my main blog and llygoden the Welsh one. This has the advantage of matching my main LJ username with my Flickr name and also making it pronounceable by my readers. A Welsh name for a blog in Welsh makes infinitely more sense, and it will be a timid little thing as I make my first forays into blogging in my second language. :)

I can then change the name of the helenkenyon LJ to helenhall and use that for the webbed novel. Does this make sense?

I'm not going to do it instantly. The earliest would be next weekend, so if any of you can see any snags with this proposal, then please do let me know.
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