January 22nd, 2008


Sign of spring?

Today I woke up to hear a little bird singing in the garden. The first sign of spring!

Well, spring hasn't come yet, it's cold outside, but it will come eventually, perhaps!

I have lots of things to do today: wash clothes, clean the house, write a letter to go with the novel, mark students' work, phone people about new courses etc...

I'm very busy! Too much to do!

(Welsh version here...)
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View from study (sunny)

More old pictures

I continue to plod on with scanning the old slides.

Pony trekking, Isle of Man, August 1967
Pony trekking, Isle of Man, August 1967

Here I am riding Inga (heaven knows why I still remember the pony's name when I can barely remember what I had for dinner yesterday!). She was a Norwegian Fjord pony. Photo taken in the Isle of Man, August 1967. I was about to set out on a short trek. I used to get a couple of rides each holiday and dreamed of owning my own horse one day...

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In other news, I am anxiously waiting for my lightbox, which is supposed to be being delivered today.
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