March 11th, 2008

View from study (sunny)


I am not pleased. I have another cold.

So there goes my attempt to get fit for the next few days at least. *Sigh*

Felt rather blah this morning. One of those, "Everything seems pointless," sort of days. (Possibly due to the cold coming on?) But I did make my Welsh sentence cards and I perked up later, despite the runny nose because two of my photos have made it into Flickr Explore! The first was the sepia view of the tree and estuary, which I can understand, but why the elk statue in Boulder got to #91 I will never know.

I also took some photos as part of my new self-imposed challenge of taking self-portraits. Collapse )

I used to be a folk singer...

I have to admit that I haven't done more than dabble with the guitar for years, but I haven't totally forgotten how to play. :)
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