March 18th, 2008

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Oh, noes! Run everyone! She's started using sarcasm!

Right now I don't feel that I have the time or the patience to deal with idiots, so I'm taking a little holiday from rasfc. It's probably just for a few weeks while I try to make some progress with the WIP, crit Jacey's novel and generally get on with far more useful things than responding to arrogant fools.

It's no good suggesting that I use killfiles because these posts just pop up out of the blue and take me off guard. I'm fed up of driving to work with scathing replies boiling around in my head as I think up the perfect retort. Enough!

I'll be here as usual, of course, and I'll probably look in on rasfc via Google Groups, but that's so awkward to use, it will stop me giving in to my urges and firing off angry retorts. :)
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Nibble nibble

I managed to nibble away at a few of the things on the To Do list. As usual I felt I could have done a lot more, but the major achievement was making an appointment to see the dentist because that's something I've been putting off for a long time. Of course I was forced into it because yesterday a chunk of tooth broke off. I'd been suspicious about the tooth for some time but kept procrastinating. Fortunately it doesn't hurt and I have an appointment for next Tuesday, so that is good. Will have refurbished teeth soon. :)

I also got the bike out for the first time and cycled a few miles along the old railway line. It was much colder out than I expected and my hands nearly froze. Next time wear gloves! Final achievement of the day was getting the new lightbulb (dipped, driver's side) for the car headlight. Of course it's getting lighter now as the days lengthen, but it's good to know everything is OK again.

No writing today, but I have started reading birdsedge's novel, which I'm enjoying.

And now I'm tired so I've off to bed. Early start tomorrow as I'm working. It belatedly dawned on me today that it's a short week this week. Only two more days to work and then I have two weeks off! Well, I might not take the full two weeks. I might save the days to take in the summer instead. I'll work it out tomorrow and let my boss know.
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