March 21st, 2008

View from study (sunny)

Just business as usual

For various reasons I'm not going to Eastercon. The Easter weekend isn't a good time of year for me to go away really. G ends up working through the holiday because it's the only time he can do one-to-one sessions with his A-level students to help them with their projects. It seems mean to abandon him during the few days he is at home. Also Easter is usually the first break after the long horrible winter and it gives me chance to get out walking and perhaps even tackle the garden.

I say "usually". Of course this year Easter is so early that the weather is likely to be pretty awful. Oh, well...

I'm doubly glad I didn't arrange to go this time because I've been feeling really down this week. Possibly it's the after-effects of the cold I had. The cold itself didn't seem severe and didn't last long, but perhaps it affected me more than I thought? There's no real reason to feel dismal, so I'll see if I can perk up over the holiday.

More exercise would help, I'm sure. I did manage a quick walk at lunchtime on Wednesday and here are the photos from my little circuit around Ruthin. Collapse )

Old stable, Ruthin

This one is interesting because every time I walk past this old stable, I think of Lady Brynglas's house in my fantasy murder mystery. This stable with hay loft above it, situated behind a terraced town house, is just so like the one I imagined Huw working and sleeping in! Lady Brynglas's house is a bit larger and her garden is rather longer, but if it were scaled up, it would be just the same. OK, I did describe the house as being stone not brick and it's bigger and the whole street is grander and it's in the middle of the row not at the end. In fact there's really no resemblance at all, yet it still triggers the, "That's like the one I imagined response." Weird...
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