April 15th, 2008

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Lost -- one Spring. If found, please return to the UK

This is not funny!

It's raining slush. I don't know whether this is semi-frozen rain or slightly thawed hail, but either way it's nasty out there. :(

And it's my day off and I wanted to get a few miles nearer Rivendell and try out my new wide-angle attachment that arrived yesterday.

Even while I've been typing this, it's now firmed up into proper hail, but it's coming down even harder.
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View from study (sunny)

Spring has been found again!

It seems that Spring was just temporarily mislaid. I've just spent a few minutes photographing the flowering cactus thing that I bought yesterday because it was reduced to £1.99 in the Co-op. Off out now to try the wide-angle lens converter. May be pictures later.

Oh, in other plant related news, a third tomato seed had germinated!
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fairy thorn

Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled today: 4
Miles travelled so far: 371
Miles still to go: 87
Percentage complete: 81%

Where I went today...

I just walked over the footbridge across the river, past the college where G works and round the by-pass to the old bridge at Llanelltyd -- and back again, of course. :)

Llanelltyd Bridge

After the awful weather this morning, the sky was typical April blue and white. It was still cold though and I needed my gloves.

The bridge is something of a local beauty spot and there's a caravan site just nearby. Also the remains of Cymer Abbey, which I visited once years ago, but I don't think I photographed. Being a weekday, there were very few people there, just me, a man walking a Dalmation and a young chap having a nap in his van.

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