May 6th, 2008

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Can't stop yawning

I don't know what's the matter with me today, but I just feel sooooo sleepy and can't stop yawning. Fortunately I don't work on Tuesdays or I'd have been sleepwalking through the lessons.

We went down to Cardiff and Port Talbot on Sunday/Monday. We were supposed to have gone on Saturday, but G had lost his voice because he had a cold. Visit was therefore postponed one day.

We had a very pleasant time. Arrived about 3 pm on Saturday. G took a box of work to do (he doesn't really do socialising!), but I went for a nice walk round Roath Park with our daughter and grand-daughter. Lounged around and nattered with Ali and played with Erin, who can now walk and says a few words. She is so cute. :)

Next morning after a leisurely breakfast we drove to our son's house in Port Talbot. Another walk, this time to the beach and this time G came too. Then lunch, more nattering and looking at the photo album of the wedding, finally headed back home.

I know it's a long drive (3½ hours), but I shouldn't be this tired. Either I still haven't caught up with last week or I'm going down with the cold. (Crosses fingers that it's a cold I've already had because I seem to have had a whole string of colds this winter and don't want another one.)

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Off now to the Co-op to replenish our supplies.
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