June 3rd, 2008


Getting Things Done/Do It Tomorrow

Yesterday my phone told me that it was time to re-read Getting Things Done, which was a nice example of my time management system working as it should. (There are still times when it doesn't work, but that's not really a fault of the system, it's just a lack of whatever mental quality it is that makes me liable to procrastinate instead of leaping into efficient action and, you know, actually getting things done.

For those of you who have been following my musings on time management systems Collapse )

For everyone else, I'm sure there'll be a more interesting post coming along right after mine. :)
island calm

Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled today: 3½
Miles travelled so far: 436
Miles still to go: 22
Percentage complete: 95%

Point reached on journey: We have left the rest stop and are approaching the camp site for the night.

Where I really went...

Being bored with all the short walks that start from my house, I drove up to a ruined chapel near where we used to live at Kings Youth Hostel and then walked from there to the Cregennen lakes (see icon) via the top of Bryn Brith.

Only 3½ miles, but it felt more because it involved climbing 400 feet over rough ground. After a grey start to the day, the weather was perfect: mild but not too hot. I took lots of pictures, but don't have time to download them now. Will probably upload the best at the weekend.

Should actually make it to Rivendell some time next week!