June 8th, 2008

island calm

Photos from Tuesday's walk

Here are the photos from Tuesday. The trouble with digital is that it's difficult to just upload them without taking the opportunity to tweak them a little. On the other hand, it's still quicker than waiting to finish off the roll and then waiting another few days for them to be processed. :)

I think this was the best of the bunch -- Cadair Idris being majestic. :)

Cadair Idris

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Otherwise the quiet usefulness of the weekend continues. I still have to go and hack and slay more long grass in the garden and possibly go for a short cycle ride before doing some Welsh and some critting and updating a handout for tomorrow.

Onwards and upwards...
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View from study (sunny)

Writing progress

I didn't get out to hack and slay grass in the garden after all, but I did clear out a kitchen cupboard (where does all that out of date food come from?) and managed a bit of exercise in the form of a two mile walk looping around the bypass and playing fields to end up at the Spar in order to buy a bottle of wine, some tomatoes and little cheesecakes for dessert.

I'm slowly uploading the ten-year-old novel into my brain. I'm hoping I might actually get some new words this week, but I now have a circular diagram after transferring the old synopsis into the Excel spreadsheet. :)

I also phoned my Dad who is 87 today! He keeps remarkably well and has developed a taste for reading fiction. He's just embarked on an omnibus of P G Wodehouse Jeeves stories.

And now just time for a bedtime milky drink before heading off to bed.
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