July 29th, 2008

island calm

Something has been living in my bookcase!

The other day, I realised to my horror that something had made a small hole in the bag of peanuts that was sitting in the middle of my study floor. I was somewhat boggled. How had a mouse (presumably it was a mouse by the tiny dessicated droppings I found nearby) found its way upstairs to my study? We've had mice in the conservatory before but how could one have known that there was food upstairs? This is a modern house and -- unless one has appeared behind the bookcase! -- there are no holes in the skirting board large enough to admit a mouse.

Anyway, I took the peanuts downstairs and stashed them in a kitchen cupboard.

Today I was rearranging the books on the bottom shelf of the bookcase in order to provide better access to my Welsh files when I found a pile of peanuts. Something had painstakingly carried away the peanuts and stashed them behind the books -- and then vanished. There is no smell, so it can't have died. Perhaps all this happened while I was away and now I'm back in residence, it's been scared off? But in that case where did it go? Perhaps it's still in here, being very quiet behind the bookcase?

This may remain as one of life's little mysteries, but I will, naturally, update you should I find more evidence of the peanut thief's presence or any more information about where it came from and where it went.

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I must stop scheduling too much on my Do Today List. Yes, I still can't judge how long things are going to take and I'm always over-ambitious. It looks like in any one day I can do one, or possibly two, activities out of: writing, photography, learning Welsh, so why do I persist in putting down all three, plus sundry other stuff like housework?


Anyway, one thing I do need to do next weekend is move the furniture in my study and make sure there's nothing living behind it!

Work tomorrow and Thursday, alas, then I have two and a half weeks off. Hurrah!
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