August 17th, 2008

island calm

The Guardian puts the record straight

Whether other people wrote in to complain, I don't know, but on Friday the Guardian online published the following in their Corrections and Clarifications column.

In common with most other papers we reported that 93-year-old Lorna Page, "suddenly prosperous on the advance and sales" of her novel A Dangerous Weakness (93-year-old novelist gives home to friends from care homes, page 5, August 11), had been able to buy a big detached house for herself and three of her friends. Aspiring writers (and housebuyers) should note that her publisher, AuthorHouse, is a self-publishing company whose website states: "For a modest financial investment you can choose what you want for your book."

I really wished they'd thought to check the story out more thoroughly before publishing, but at least it's something.
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View from study (sunny)

Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Lothlorien

Miles travelled today: 4½
Miles travelled so far: 68½ (526½ from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 393½
Percentage complete: 15%

Rivendell to Lothlorien:

68.5/462 (15%)

Point reached on journey: We're in a place where the paths are few and winding. We will camp during the day.

Where I really went...

Just along the old railway line to Penmaenpool and back. On the way out I met one of our daughter's friends, the one who's a firefighter, exercising her two cute little dogs. Otherwise the track was pretty deserted, just a fisherman returning home with his net slung over his back and a couple of cyclists.

Just before I reached the toll bridge, I stopped to watch the gulls and crows on the wide water-logged field between the track and the estuary. Every so often, the gulls would take to the air and wheel around in a mob for a minute or two before settling back.

When I reached the George III pub, that too looked pretty deserted. But the ducks inspired a haiku.

seven brown ducks asleep
bobbing at the water's edge
heads under their wings

That's not the only writing I've done today either. Nothing that's actual word count, but it seems my writer brain wasn't dead, just asleep and I've finally found the "on" button again. :)

Basically I was playing with some clusters and freewriting for the creative writing course (Open University A215) that I've signed up for. The course doesn't actually start until mid-September, but I've learned from experience that I need to get ahead at the beginning because Life The Universe and Everything soon conspires to put me behind as the year progresses.

Oh, and though I've never previously managed to use a piece of freewriting in a finished story, I've looked at the first assignment and that involves having to do a freewrite, so I thought I'd better get into doing some.