August 18th, 2008

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Caernarfon Castle Picture Tour -- Part 1

sartorias had the nice idea of requesting pictures of castles. If anyone out there is writing a story with a castle in it, there are lots of pictures and links to more pictures here...

Completely by chance, this morning G announced unexpectedly that he needed to go to Caernarfon this afternoon. I volunteered to drive him there because a) his Daihatsu is actually waiting for a part and though driveable, is perhaps better left at home and b) it meant I could take lots of pictures.

His meeting was probably going to last for an hour or so, but I have an annual membership to CADW (Heritage in Wales) who look after lots of ancient monuments, so it wasn't going to cost anything to go in and therefore I didn't need to spend hours there in order to justify the entrance fee.

By some miracle, I got an hour without rain. I did then get totally drenched walking back to the car park, but at least I got to play with the camera a bit more.

NB: These are virtually un-tweaked, so they're illustrative rather than artistic. :)

Caernarfon Castle

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I will have more at the weekend. No time to process more pictures now and I'm back in work tomorrow.